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A Pioneer Church
with an Abolitionist History.

We are a small family of believers committed to share our faith openly,

with love, warmth, and respect for the dignity and individuality of all people.


We welcome and value diversity — it’s part of our history, in our blood, and an integral part of our faith. Here, you’ll find we will strive to meet the needs of people in our community for sustenance and nurturing through fellowship and the restorative powers of Christ. 


From our inception in 1798, three generations of our congregation

fought valiantly, risking lives, property and their own freedom, to free those

who had been manacled by the injustices and crimes of slavery.

We believed then as now in immediate social justice for all. Our commitment to

equality and inclusion has not wavered. 

Whether you are here to visit the hallowed grounds that once gave birth

to the notion of the Underground Railroad, or you seek

Redemption, Reconciliation, and Restoration in our Christian fellowship,

you are welcome.


All are welcome.

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