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How Maverick Pioneers Carved the
Underground Railroad Out of the Wilderness.

The congregation was established in 1798 by frontier pioneer families — many veterans

of the American Revolution — who had a nearly single-minded mission to serve God through the abolition of slavery and, by illegally aiding the escape of fugitives from that abomination. 

The earliest pioneers came to survey the land

and prepare routes for the efficient transportation of human contraband through  the rugged terrain

of Brown County. Only the choicest properties, the places best-suited for hideouts,

were sold to those who opposed slavery.

These abolitionist bonds were also strengthened by intermarriage between families. 


As one writer put it these families were, 

“all immediate abolitionists — unmitigated, pure, zealous and efficient. They were ever ready to give food, shelter, and aid to fugitive slaves … besides finding elsewhere safehomes and work for many others.”


Over the years the Church is believed to have aided thousands, if not tens-0f-thousands,

northward to freedom.

In fact, the church’s activities are likely to have been involved in aiding

the escape of Tice Davids, whose disappearance during his run for freedom inspired

the naming of ...  The Underground Railroad.

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