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"Faith of Our Father's Living Still,
Expanding Outward."

That's not just a motto.

It reminds us of the great things our forefathers risked  for others in the name of humanity, and of Jesus Christ Our Lord. It took great faith.

Yet, it also reminds us there is still work to do, in our own lives and for others.


Yes, a lot is broken in the world — people, relationships, nations ...

Still our faith tells us  through the Righteousness and Redemptive powers of Jesus Christ, we can be healed and we can help in healing.

It takes faith and community.


That's why we reach out to our own community, the region and the world

with our missions and a simple invitation to join us.

Come Worship With Us

Services Every Sunday 10:00 A.M.-11:00 A.M.

Schedule of Sunday Service Speakers  

Please check back often for the most current list.

October 29, 2023:

Steve Free

Steve Free is an Internationally Acclaimed award-winning singer/songwriter whose music is drawn from his Native American (Shawnee/Cherokee ) and Appalachian roots. He has won numerous Music Industry Awards including 9 ASCAP Awards,a Platinum Record,a 2016 Grammy nomination,and 3 Americana Music Award nominations.

November 5, 2023:

John Robson

November 12, 2023:

Matthew Barnett

November 19, 2023:

Greg Roberts

Greg comes to us from Cranston Memorial Church in New Richmond, Ohio. He also serves as docent at the U.S. Grant birthplace in Point Pleasant Ohio.

November 26, 2023:

To Be Announced

December 3, 2023:

John Robson

John will perform Communion for Advent Sunday. Join us for the celebration of the anticipated arrival of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

December 10, 2023:

Sara Jane Nixon

Associate Pastor of Crestview Presbyterian Church of West Chester, Ohio. Sara brings her childhood love of small, country Churches and lifetime love of Jesus Christ to share on this Sunday.

December 17, 2023:

Steve Free

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter leads our service dedicated to the families, loved ones and friends who prayed and supported our men and women as they served our Nation at home and abroad.

December 24, 2023:

Debbie Hedges

Red Oak Presbyterian Church Elder, Debbie Hedges will lead this service on the eve of this most Holy of days.


December 31, 2023

Our Lord blesses us every day in ways that are often easy to see, and sometimes very difficult.   Come celebrate your blessings with us on the last Sunday of the year at our "Counting Our Blessings" service.

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